Domestic Violence Prevention Education

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Prevention Education

YWCA’s Community Education program provides violence prevention education to children from preschool to high school and training and workshops on domestic violence and child abuse to professional groups. All community education workshops and programs can be tailored to fit an audience’s specific needs.

Prevention Education Programs

The YWCA’s Outreach and Prevention program offers violence prevention education services for youth, teens, and adults in the San Fernando/San Gabriel Valley region. Our violence prevention services educate the community by equipping individuals with the skills to resist violence and abuse and promote healthy, non-violent interaction.

Programming for Children and Youth

Advocates are available to facilitate workshops and talking circles designed to empower children to recognize and understand healthy relationships and to overcome bullying and harassment. Workshops use group discussion, role-play, video, and interactive activities to help children recognize the signs and effects of bullying and harassment and pathways to seeking help.

Girls Circle

Girls Circle is a research-based model that improves at-risk teen girls’ self-esteem and interpersonal relationships. This 8-10 week program focuses on building relationships with peers and adults.

Youth/Young Adult Healthy Relationship Presentations

Prevention Advocates tailor a workshop or series of workshops to the needs of specific adolescent audiences. Workshops deal with healthy relationships, developmentally appropriate violence prevention topics, the dynamics of teen dating violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

Safe Dates – Teen Dating Violence Prevention Education

We teach Safe Dates, an evidence-based, violence prevention curriculum to support middle school students in understanding and, ultimately, preventing teen dating violence. The curriculum educates students on the forms of interpersonal violence, challenges the societal norms and misconceptions that contribute to harmful beliefs, attitudes, and actions related to the perpetuation of violence, and provides opportunities for students to practice bystander intervention skills to disrupt violence and support survivors.

Domestic Violence Counselor Training

YWCA Glendale and Pasadena offers our 40-Hour Domestic Violence Counselor Training twice a year to staff, volunteers, and community members looking to understand better the experiences of survivors of domestic violence and their children. The training certification meets the requirements set by California Evidence Code 1037.1 for designation as a domestic violence counselor, allowing you to work or volunteer at a CA domestic violence organization.

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Community Climate Survey on Domestic Violence

In March 2018, YWCA Glendale and Pasadena (formerly YWCA Glendale) distributed a 23-question survey to the Glendale community in order to better understand our community’s current viewpoints and experiences related to domestic violence. We assessed knowledge of domestic violence, attitudes/biases towards domestic violence, violence exposure, bystander efficacy, and community involvement. 76 people responded.


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