YWCA Stands In Solidarity With The Glendale Unified School District

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YWCA Stands In Solidarity With The Glendale Unified School District

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YWCA Glendale and Pasadena supports the Glendale Unified School District and their commitment to ensuring that all school and community members feel welcomed, safe, and celebrated in Glendale’s schools. We applaud GUSD’s decision to recognize June as LGBTQIA+ Pride Month.

On June 6, LGBTQ+ community members and allies gathered outside GUSD’s Board of Education meeting. It celebrated the teachers’ and school administrators’ commitment to adhering to the district’s curriculum and educational materials. The LGBTQ+ allies, including GUSD families, local clergy, and social services leaders, were confronted by individuals expressing discontent with GUSD’s approach to including diverse voices and lessons in K-12 educational materials.

YWCA Glendale and Pasadena condemns all violent attacks and provocations against communities historically pushed out of opportunities to safe and welcoming neighborhoods. Expressly, we declare unacceptable the violent attacks against the LGBTQ+ community and allies that took place on that day.

YWCA Glendale and Pasadena is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. Since 1926, we have worked to empower women, girls, and families to build healthy relationships, achieve self-sufficiency, and live free from violence. We remain committed to our mission and will continue providing services and supporting sound public and local policies that promote racial and gender equity and inclusion.